Passionate about his culture and heritage Mr Khamvanh wanted to share incredible Laos with the world. From his humble beginnings though he did not know where his journey would take him.


         Starting out as an employee for Lao Airlines Mr Khamvanh was part of the check in staff at Pakse Airport. This is where he also met his soon to be wife who worked in the same role. After moving to Luang Prabang to work in the same position they married and have since had three children.


         In 1996 Mr Khamvanh started his own travel agency which has since grown to three travel agencies around Luang Prabang.  Then in 2005 after purchasing a large amount of land he decided to start his own elephant camp to help save the majestic Asian Elephant. After buying one elephant he leased another two, and now has ten elephants in total with the aim of rescuing more.


        Through hard work and incredible vision Mr Khamvanh has grown an incredible business, has a large number of staff and is taking on large conservation initiatives to help conserve the beautiful Laos and Southeast Asia, its incredible wildlife and help support his people.

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