For 10 years the All Lao Elephant Camp has been rescuing Elephants from the logging industry and giving them an easier life here at the camp. Today we are dedicated to rescuing more elephants and other sick, injured, orphaned and abused wildlife, and helping in vital conservation and sustainable research, and education. Our programs and projects are also dedicated to conserving culture, traditions and sustaining people nationally and internationally.

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Our Aim:

Develop an education facility to promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation

for flora and fauna, and promote its conservation


Develop a modern and holistic wildlife sanctuary, care and employment training facility which will rescue, rehabilitate, acquire, exhibit, conserve, release and care for flora and fauna to

then also benefit both the community, the nation and the earth as a whole


Develop a serious, fun and engaging tourism facility that will grow tourism

nationally while leading in education and training to maximise skills and career opportunities


Support and develop conservation and sustainable research projects within and around

Southeast Asia


This aim is to lead all ASEAN countries to help reduce impacts on the earth, and to produce positive sustainable outcomes in economic, social and environmental domains. The projects we will produce will aim to deliver long term education locally and globally, wildlife care, health, and management, and produce research that will help sustain and positively impact natural resources, renewable energy, clean/green technology, climate change, sustainable food & fibre production, waste management, wildlife medicine and care, habitat conservation, human health, and water quantity/quality


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